well, where do i begin? …..this year so far for chris and i has been dreadful. i hate to pop the positive bubble (not really) ,but this year sucks. i have just recovered from two ankle injuries. back to back. 3 months out the first one and about a month and a half on the 2nd. not fun. i got fat. ate lots of fast food. and played with my son. i didnt train (like a pro bro) instead i sewed shirts and they turned out pretty cool. im not very good at sewing, but hey it sure is a great past time. living in oxnard is boring, not much to do, but i like to surf when there are waves in our area. thats it though really. we got some little south swell dribble on our coastline for about 3 days a couple weeks ago and my ankles were probably about 70% on the right and 80% on the left, so i decided to surf. here are some clips from those sessions.
music by Black Marble