The second lensman for our Photographer Series is a unique one from the North Shore of Oahu. I’ve only met Laserwolf once but have admired his work for many years. I always get stuck staring at his instagram post longer than most on my feed. If you’re ever looking for inspiration to get out and go shoot, look no further than laser Laserwolf. Below you’ll see why.


D.O.B & Location:

Aries, forever 29, Spaceship Planet Earth.

Years shooting?

Life 10, surfing 6.

Where did you grow up?

Melbourne Beach, FL. Jim Morrison went to my high school. My home break, Sebastian Inlet produced Kelly Slater and Jeff Crawford, the only 2 east coasters to ever win a Pipe Masters. Hows that for a name drop? hahah.

Where do you now reside?

Rocky Point, North Shore, Oahu, HI

Would you rather shoot in the freezing cold or blistering heat?

Palm trees before parkas any day.

What surf destination could you travel to year after year and never get tired of visiting?

Tahiti is pretty magical. The waves, the people, the food, the weather. I love everything about it.

Worst trip you’ve ever been on? Why?

I’ve been on a good run, fortunatley. Other then then a little food poisoning, all trips over the years have been pretty bingo bango. I just try to make the best of every experience, especially new ones. I dig going to new places, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, getting new images and surfing new waves.

Favorite surfer to shoot?

Easy, Mason Ho, the style master.

Favorite photographer?

Todd Glaser for sure. Good vibes, amazing photos.

What are you currently working on?

Slow shutter/ speed blur action shots from the water. It’s nothing new or original but it’s a style I’ve always admired but never really messed around with. Just this week, I started giving it a go.

Instagram &/or website:

Anyone backing your program?

Yeah, big huge thank you to CMT Waterhousings, Matuse wetsuits, Tambor Acai, Speaqua Sound Co, Avasol Sunscreen, #TheSurfboardBroker and all the aliens out there making the universe groove.