Photographer Series is something I randomly thought would be neat to add on the journal page. There’s so many ridiculously talented dudes shooting these days I wanted to showcase some of my favorites.

This week Im starting with the 805’s Seth De_Roulet who has a new book and art gallery launching this Saturday Night in Santa Barbara. I’ve known Seth for about six years now. Met him the same way I’ve met 90% of the people in the surf industry, just sitting on the beach shooting the local talent. Seth is much more than someone who just sits on the beach as you’ll quickly find out in the read below.

-chris papaleo

Seth, how many years have you been shooting?

Years shooting surf 15. Total years with a camera in hand would be give or take 24 years. My collection of Skate photos starts in ’92 but I think I have a few disposable camera rolls that pre date that by a few years.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in New York 20 miles outside the city. I used to take the train in Friday night and come home Sunday afternoon. We would Skaté so much from 10 pm till 4 am and then sleep all day. Some of the best times in my life. I credit those weekends for my desire to become a professional photographer.

Where do you currently reside?

I have lived in Santa Barbara since 2002. My grandfather grew up around here but moved to NY to be with my Grandmother. So it was almost like moving back with how much family I have in the surrounding area.

Would you rather shoot in the freezing cold or blistering heat? 

I think of myself as an all terrain vehicle. I just adapt. The only thing I don’t like is AC. Makes me get stuffed up and the cameras fog. Just give me a fan and I’ll be happy.

Which surf destination could you travel to year after year and never tired of visiting? 

I love teahupoo. Other then pipe it’s the most photographed wave in the world but for a good reason. The places you can put yourself out there are second to none.

Worst trip ever? 

I can’t say I’ve ever been on a worst trip but EL Salvador gave me the worst sinus infection of my life. The trip was still amazing though. We scored sick waves and had great times. Nailed a cover and 20 pages so I can deal with a 2 month sinus infection.

Favorite surfer to shoot?

I love shooting with Bobby Martinez. The most loyal and amazing person I know. A real life badass with a heart of gold. I value that more then anything else. Not to mention the best goofy footer of all time.

Favorite photographer?

So many amazing photographers. I think for water shooting zak noyle, Daniel Russo, Russell Ord and Brent Bielmann are really pushing the level from where scott aichner left off. Out of the water I always looked up to Grant Brittain. He shot my favorite photo ever. Finally I really enjoy the approach of Thomas Campbell. He is a true Jack of all trades and still only shoots film. His books are A+.

Locally I would prop Nick Liotta and Josh Curry. Two badasses with a camera!

What are you currently working on?

Currently I am just wrapping up production on a book and pop up gallery that opens August 6th and goes to September 26 in Santa Barbara. It’s a look back on last winter El Niño which provided plenty of opportunity if you knew where to look.

Follow Seth @ – website
@Seth_de_roulet – insta
GALLERY address is
9 west Carrillo st
Santa Barbara 93101